Samstag, 4. September 2010

TeamLiquid going to Korea.

We're going home, Team Liquid.

We're going home.
After years of watching from a distance, after nearly a decade of following from afar, TLAF-Liquid` is taking the big step. You love this game. We love this game. We've been playing it since the beginning, and now, with its biggest event ever on the horizon, we're going to embrace the inevitable. With a generous, supportive sponsor and the world's most fanatical community gaming community behind us, we're ready to go the distance.

This August, TLAF-Liquid` will put their best foot forward and board a plane to E-Sports central. Hailing from The Netherlands, Sweden and Germany, these three will, for the first time ever, fly our flag in Korea.

For one of them, it's a chance to revisit the glories of the past. For the others, it's a brand new future. For all of them though, it's a homecoming, because when a Starcraft player goes to Korea, he's only going home.
For the first time there is a Global Starcraft League, and we're going to give it our very best. The GSL announcement was a wake up call to some. To us, it was just good news at the right time. We didn't begin theorising. We started packing our bags.

Starting August 22nd, TLAF-Liquid` players will begin arriving in Korea. Veteran Broodwar player and TLAF-Liquid` Playing Manager Victor "Nazgul" Goossens will first set foot in the capital, quickly followed by Jonathan "Jinro" Walsh and Dario "TheLittleOne" Wunsch.

Jinro and TLO will live on a long term basis in Korea with Hayder "Haypro" Hussein joining them in the months to come. American Liquid` player Tyler "Tyler" Wasieleski on the other hand will stay in the United States and focus on his progaming career there. Victor will return home after the GSL to oversee the development of both TL and Liquid.

It all starts here - Nazgul, Jinro and TLO will play the GSL Offline Preliminaries from the 28th of August. But this is only the beginning.
When I said we were going home, it wasn't just rhetoric. For the next few months, Seoul is going to be home. Our home. Your home. TLAF-Liquid` management is proud to announce that after discussion with the Korean SC2 Team oGs, we have agreed that both our outfits will benefit from spending time together in an in-house training environment.

Starting this month, our players TLAF-Liquid`Jinro, TLAF-Liquid`TLO and oGs will share the same team house, practicing, playing and living together in an unprecedented act of friendship between a Korean and foreign team. We'd like to take this opportunity to extend a warm thank you to oGs and especially to their manager, Hwang "Spunky" Kyu Hoon for being open to this possibility and recognising the major potential there is in working together.

We have a lot of respect for all of you, and look forward to an era in which we will push each other to achieve our goals!

Well aka we won't see alot TLO matches in the next time Q_Q


  1. Seoul is really a big city in the world of eSports, a lot of great teams and tournaments happens there.

  2. i'm in your page givin you a favor! pls return it! :3

  3. my friend went to seoul once. returned without a kidney. take care.