Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

TLO vs NaDa? Zerg Tutorial

One Big sorry for the non-posting yesterday.
I wanted to post the Awesome Best of 3 Showmatch between our all favourite
Random player The Little One and Korean Starcraft Legend NaDa, who is
err i think 6 times Starcraft World Champion and is said to have the best
micro ever. The Match happened at the Intel Extreme Masters in Cologne
at the same time the Gamescon was also in Germany. But since all the streams
of the match where broadcasted by the ESL and because the ESL is a greedy bitch
and you just get ultra low resolution Videos if you don't pay for it, there are also
zero high resolution or even low resolution Videos of it only about 300x200.
So i just going to post another Tutorial from Husky this time for Zerg.

10 Overlord
10 3 drones (after Overlord finishes)
13 Spawning Pool
12 2 drones
14 Extractor
13 2 drones
15 Overlord
15 Queen
17 Zergling
18 Roach Warren
17 Drone
19 Inject Larva (always do this ASAP)
19 2x Roaches
21 1x Roach
22 4x Roach
26 Overlord
PUSH OUT AROUND NOW. You can get your overlord at 25 if you prefer a more fluid production of roaches.
Continue producing roaches and inject larva.

35 Expand
Macro up and alter your build to counter what your opponent is going.


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  2. I love Starcraft 2. Too bad in EU have been offline so much today T_T